Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Achieving UN MDGs

The United Nations Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development (UN-APCICT) Virtual Academy Course on ICT4D (http://ava.unapcict.org/) states in its Session 1: The Digital Divide and promoting Universal Access - "Progress on the achievement of MDG Targets is uneven. While there are some visible and widespread gains and Asia Pacific is doing better than Sub Saharan Africa, the LDCs still have the region's highest rates of child and maternal mortality, the incidence of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS continues to rise and the region is regressing in environmental sustainability. There are huge data gaps in the Pacific region and great intra-country disparities for example in China and India. There is a need for greater public investment in education and health. Poor Governance, poor policy choices, corruption and denial of human rights are factors impeding rapid progress".

Is it not high time, the developing countries like India go about establishing on top most priority on urgent Mission Mode to introduce Unique Biometric Identity to uniquely identify every citizen and resident and also issue Biometric Smart Card cum Bank Debit Card to track all transactions including all welfare measures and the spendings out of the same to ensure transparency and accountability towards eradicating poverty? Would it not help to ensure healthy citizenry and a healthy democracy through proper health, housing, sanitation, education, social security, etc. for every citizen however low and marginalized they may be in either urban or rural pockets, where every citizen can live with a minimum assured standard of living above the poverty line?

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