Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Re: Poverty kills family of five in Tamil Nadu

One of the comments received:

Nirudhoddi Jayasrinivasulu commented:

"This is tragic and heart wrenching. I have been shuttling between Chennai and Hyd for the past six months, and also travel by local trains and buses mostly. One has to see the types of poor people, especially the elderly to understand things. When the other day, I visited the local Thasildar Office, so many many poor people, waiting for the Pongal gift of dhoti and saree. The other day, a local Sadhu in UP , wanted to give some freebies worth Rs.1000 each and there was a stampede which killed a few hundreds. This you may recall, had occurred previously on Vajpayee's birthday celebrations, a few years ago. Most people are "one illness" away from hopelessness. The problem is not that the Government does not do things, the only problem is that the IAS officers and the State Government staff are not implementing the schemes - and there is no will amongst them to meet the people, walk on the roads, travel unreserved class on trains. There are two countries here - as someone told it - Bharat where most people live and India - where the digitally privileged live."

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